How to purchase special pier seats and bleacher seats in the Odaiba area. The performance schedule for the Odaiba area is also posted at the bottom of the page.

Odaiba Venue: Outline of Advance Tickets for Paid Plank Seats (Platinum Seats, General Reserved Seats)] (See also the table above.)
Odaiba venue (in front of Yurikamome Daiba Station)

Saturday, November 4, 2023
(1) [1st show] Start time: 14:30
(2) [2nd Session] Start time: 17:45

November 5 (Sun.)
(1) [1st session] Start time: 14:10
(2) [2nd Session] Start time: 17:15

Opening Ceremony (30 minutes) will be held on the 4th (1st).
(However, Platinum Seat and General Reserved Seat holders will also be asked to stand during this time. After the ceremony, they will be guided to their seats.)
Doors open 15 minutes before the performance begins.
The tug-of-war event after the performance on the 4th (2nd) and 5th (2nd) will also be available for viewing.
The tug-of-war event after the performance on the 4th (2nd) and 5th (2nd) will also be open for viewing.
Note on age restrictions: Tickets are required for ages 3 and older.
(If a child under 2 years old does not need a seat, only one child per parent/guardian may sit on the lap.
If a seat is not required for a child under 2 years old, only one child per parent or guardian is allowed to watch the show on his/her lap. However, if a seat is required, one ticket is required per child, even if the child is under 2 years old.
(Please note that if a seat is required, one ticket is required for each child, even if the child is 2 years old or younger.)

*Please use masks at your own discretion.
All seats are non-smoking. Platinum seats: Eating, drinking and soft drinks are allowed. General reserved seats: Please refrain from eating and drinking alcohol. (Soft drinks are allowed)  Standing in aisles or seats is prohibited.
*Tripods, selfie sticks, and drones are prohibited. Live streaming is also prohibited.
Live streaming is also prohibited. However, monopods and selfie sticks may be used by reserved-seat visitors if they observe the following (1) Use of a monopod or selfie stick above your head or beyond the range of your body is prohibited. (2) Please do not cause inconvenience to those seated next to you.
In case of rain, it is recommended to use a raincoat, etc. for viewing in the reserved seats. Umbrellas are not allowed in the general reserved seats.
Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable except in case of cancellation of the event due to natural disasters or accidents.
The time schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances on the day of the event.

◆Advance Tickets for the 4th and 5th Prices
Platinum Seats 60,000 yen (tax included, 1st and 2nd tickets, top row of the dais, armchair and desk included, plus special benefits◎)
General reserved seat 3,500 yen (tax included, seat on the dais)

◎Bonuses for Platinum Seats
Special festival souvenirs included (Naruko, costume, hand towel,
Sake or Japanese beer or soft drink),
VTuber x Yosakoi Naruko Dance Training and Experience Session, Limited VR Festival Experience Video,
Light meal at “The Lobby Cafe” on the 2nd floor of Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (scheduled time: 11:30-18:30)

【Platinum Seats and General Reserved Seats Advance Ticket】

Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event at the Odaiba venue

Same-day ticket sales locations

Odaiba venue (in front of Yurikamome Daiba Station)

Tickets will be sold at the booths for paid spectator purchases

(Tickets will be on sale from 10:00 on both the 4th and 5th)

★Refer to the above venue map

Outline of the 22th Dream Yosacoy Matsuri(Festival) 【2023】


①Create the dream together with the participants and share it around the world
②International exchange through Yosacoy Naruko dance


November 4, Saturday
November 5, Sunday


◇Tokyo Odaiba area
◇Tokyo Marunouchi area


Dream Yosakoi Festival Global Promotion Foundation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Fuji television Network.INC, other

With the cooperation

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
Kochi prefecture Government,  Japan National Tourism Organization
Japan Chamber of Commerce,  Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
Tokyo Convention Visitors Bureau    other


about 5,000 dancers in total


Rain or shine, event will be held



Contact information

Tel: 81-3-5796-2550 (Japanese)  Fax: 81-3-5796-2551
E-mail (Japanese or English)